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This is the Memorial to the Missing and contains over 50,000,000 pennies to represent the lives of each American child abandoned to abortion by a society and a culture that has embraced their destruction. We must prevent the need to add to this memorial. Take a stand. Get involved.

 ”How we treat the least of us defines us.”

"should I use this $500k to help struggling parents and pregnant people or should I put it in a glass box"



what is the scariest thing a child has ever said to you?


children are terrifying


when you realize we all turned into squidward


Fuck me this is the cutest fucking duck video I’ve ever fucking seen in my whole fucking life it’s a huge fucking deal



i love how some girls are soft and delicate and wear floral dresses and how some are fuckin hardcore and have short hair and are rad as hell and how others are a mix of the two

girls are so great

hell yeah for girls you rock



1993 vs 2013

replace your carpet


I never actually say hi to my friends, I just make creepy faces at them from a distance.