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make me choose: science boyfriends or clintasha? asked by markoruffalo


chris evans is a nerd and must be stopped


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Oh Captain, Which Captain?



if you wanna join my gang punk you gotta be hardcore. *pulls out  temporary tattoos* choose a tat, but don’t choose the kitty that one is mine


Captain America memorial from The Art of Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

"The murals were a unique challenge and took a really long time to paint," Marvel’s Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding says. "They’re printed enormous, and I’ve never painted anything that was meant to be printed so large. The one with all the Howling Commandos was printed about 25 feet tall and 60 feet wide, and had all the mannequins in costumes in front of it. The exhibit was real — they built it in a museum in Cleveland." 

Meinerding says the murals also have a strong emotional presence: “The scene is also an introduction to Bucky. In painting the murals, I was trying to get as many moments between Cap and Bucky as possible. So you’ll see Cap running with Bucky next to him or laughing with Bucky to reinforce the relationship they had.”

Have you given any thought to what your fan’s nicknames are going to be? (x)




i listened to a boy in my history class have a lengthy discussion in graphic detail about how many times he masturbated on the weekend but god forbid a girl ask her friend for a tampon in a voice louder than a whisper

Fuck America.

im from canada but yeah fuck em i guess