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This was originally just a doodle of jearmin in a biker getup but HEEEYYYYYY I GOT A NEW AU!!!!

So its something like Eren’s mom died and Grisha is a busy sergeon and Eren became distant and joins a bike/gangster gang (Jean’s gang lmaoidk and like mikasa is so worried and wanted to get her old bro back so she joins Armin’s (WOWOWOWOAAHHH ARMIN IS A GANG LEADER WTF) gang. Armin led a double life like Hannah montana or something by day he’s the smartass college student by night he rides till dawn (OK THATS SOUNDS KINDA WRONG HE RIDES HIS BIKE. HIS BIKE) and like suddenly Jean’s in his class and like found out his identity and a new romance is born ayyyyyy. There’ll be police and murder mystery involved yes yes yes. So thats all i have for now goodbye.

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